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Development and regeneration schemes invariably need to overcome economic, environmental, funding and regulatory barriers hindering delivery – so having a team on your side that can identify viable, innovative and effective ways to deliver projects and structure investment programmes is vital.

Thomas Lister’s expert team make a difference and drive change on projects from inception to completion.

To see how Thomas Lister can enable your development or regeneration project to come to fruition call us on 01527 871640 or fill in our enquiry form.

Case studies:

Our service includes:

  • Development Viability – Advice in relation to scheme design, quality, scale, mix, tenure and phasing, so projects and programmes meet market conditions and maximise successful implementation.
  • Delivery – Establishing the most effective way to implement projects and programmes, meet client objectives and maximise returns.
  • Site Assembly – Assembling sites through negotiation or utilising compulsory purchase powers with all other aspects of compensation including advising acquiring authorities or claimants.
  • Procurement – Ensuring legal and regulatory compliance to deliver public sector projects whether through the selection of a developer partner or negotiating terms for a joint venture.